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Cracks posing massive fire risk in Ledbury Towers still not remedied

At a residents meeting held on 23rd August 2017, Southwark Council representatives told Ledbury Estate residents that the towers were now safe. Yet, little over a week later, one resident in the towers shares images and video of cracks in their flat, which still pose a massive fire risk, as they have not yet been filled and sealed with fire resistant material.

Over two months since the cracks were found to be posing a fire risk on the Ledbury Estate, it transpires that Southwark Council have still not yet accessed all flats in the four towers to remedy the compartmentation issues. These images were taken by a resident on Monday 4th September. This means that in the event of a fire in the Ledbury towers, smoke and fire could still spread wildly through these open air passages linking one flat to another. 

Temporary remedial works were meant to have been carried out to all flats as a matter of urgency after fire marshals were brought in by Southwark Council on 29th June to patrol 24 hours a day. Residents describe their shock to learn that these works have not yet been completed and that the risk of fire spread within the towers still remains a significant danger.

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