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Residents frustrated with miscommunications and delays to planned electrical works

After residents at Skenfrith and Peterchurch houses on the Ledbury Estate received letters on the evening of Friday 1st September informing them that on Monday 4th the electricity to the whole block would be switched off for the entire day, they hurriedly prepared themselves for the outage. Some residents booked Monday off work and rearranged plans to ensure that they were around. Many residents voiced their annoyance at the lack of due notice and the requirement to change plans so quickly.

On the morning of Monday 4th September, residents noted that the electricity was still on - upon asking contractors on site when work would begin, they were informed that the works may not take place today as planned, due to communication failures with the electricity board. No updates have been circulated so far by Southwark Council and residents have no idea what the next steps are. One resident of Peterchurch House was told works would probably now be delayed until later in the week, another resident was told work may still take place today, just later than planned. 

For residents who've taken time out of their schedules to meet Southwark's sudden requirements, this comes as frustrating news. Many residents had organised for their frozen and chilled foods to be transported to friends and family whilst the works took place. Others rely on electricity-powered medical equipment and are left without answers.

Southwark Council promised at recent meetings to improve their service delivery and communication with residents, but in practice, things appear to be getting worse, not better.

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