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Ledbury residents organise protest over intolerable living conditions

Ledbury Estate residents have been left in the cold as planned heating works are delayed by Southwark Council. Following the removal of gas in the four tower blocks after the discovery that it could cause them to collapse in the case of an explosion, residents were assured that a replacement system for heating and hot water would be forthcoming.

However over five weeks since the gas was switched off, residents are still left without heating, and as the weather turns colder, the latest news from Southwark Council that the planned heating works would be delayed, has brought further misery to many residents.

To add insult to injury, residents were instructed by Southwarks housing bosses that they must not use heaters under any circumstances, as it may overload the electricity systems in the towers, which have not yet been upgraded to cope with heavy usage and any extra appliances could potentially cause a block-wide outage.

This all comes after a long line of let-downs and farces by Southwark Council. Ledbury residents have decided enough is enough. Despite many meetings, representations and communication back and forth, residents feel that Southwark Council are not listening or responding to the urgent needs of the residents for basic amenities such as a 'warm, dry and safe' home - a promised proudly promoted by Southwark themselves supposedly applied to their housing stock across the borough.

On Sunday 17th September, residents will march on the estate and have their voices heard. Objecting to the inhumane conditions and unacceptable lack of basic amenities in the four towers.

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