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Unions & Labour Wards rally behind Ledbury residents

The Ledbury Action Group's emergency motion has now been passed by Unite Housing branch, Unite Community as well as Brunswick Park and Camberwell Green labour wards.

The motion has now also been circulated to other wards in the borough for their consideration, with various councillors already getting in touch directly for updates on Ledbury. 

The motion calls for an immediate emergency response to the plight of the Ledbury residents who are living without heating, some still without hot water, and with only the option of a B&B hotel room as a local alternative. Residents also complain of the unfairness of having to bid against their own friends and neighbours in order to secure a new home through the council's Homesearch system, with several opting for direct offers instead, but being refused. 

One resident family were given the option of accommodation over an hour away as it contained a small kitchenette, another was offered similar in a neighbouring borough as Southwark Council maintain they have no accommodation with kitchen facilities whatsoever in their own borough. Both offers were refused due to distance as well as unacceptable conditions. 

Residents are still being asked to pay full rent, including service charges for the key fob entry systems which have been out of use since June, and grounds maintenance costs whilst Southwark dig up trees for works taking place outside the blocks.

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