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Ledbury tower repair records show large cracks were reported years ago

Flicking through the pages of a lengthy repairs file for just one of the Ledbury Estate tower blocks, it becomes apparent that large cracks in the buildings were reported to Southwark Council by residents years ago.

At a residents meeting back in July, neighbours shared images of cracks in their properties and explained that they'd been reporting these to the council for years.

The repair records for the four tower blocks (which are in the process of being fully released) now back-up the residents claims, with it being likely that further historical records of this nature will come to light. 

One repair record detailed a tenant reporting that the 'bedroom wall is coming apart, its bare brick and against outside wall, she can fit her hand in between gaps.' (June 2010)

Given issues of this nature being reported to Southwark council and investigated, it's surprising that the fire compartmentation and structural issues were not picked up on sooner. 

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