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Ledbury Estate residents offered support by SLaM

Adult and child mental health professionals from South London and Maudsley trust visited the Ledbury Estate on Thursday 8th November to offer support in a meeting with residents.

After a lot of activity and upheaval on the estate since the end of June, residents are being offered the opportunity to discuss their worries, anxieties or stresses with counselling specialists and therapy professionals, as well as the opportunity for workshops on how to deal with stress, tips for better sleeping and more.

The need for support was recognised by the Ledbury Action Group and Claudia Perez; a mental health professional and Ledbury Estate resident, who was able to coordinate with her SLaM colleagues to set up this service for residents very quickly. 

One resident said: ‘We’ve really needed this support and I think it will help a lot of residents who are dealing with stress and worry.

I’m disappointed because Southwark council hadn’t even thought about us, and so once again, it was down to the residents and the Ledbury action group to get this help in place. That really should’ve been forthcoming from the council, but it feels like they don’t care about us. They obviously hadn’t considered the residents feelings in all of this. Our ward councillor is Cabinet Member for Adult care and I’m not sure it even crossed his mind.’

Southwark Council have this week offered their own support services, through their Well-being Hub.

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