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Council leaders promise once again to keep Ledbury 100% council

At the first hustings ahead of the May 2018 local elections, members of the Ledbury Action Group once again asked all the candidates to publicly commit to keeping the land on the Ledbury Estate 100% Council Homes at Council rents for the future and asked that this pledge would additionally be made in their upcoming manifestos. 

Cllr. Peter John (Leader of Southwark Council & Leader of Southwark Labour) had already made this promise at a residents meeting held on the Ledbury Estate on 23rd August, but residents felt it was vital to hear this promise from him once again, ahead of potential major works on the estate in the coming months and years, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the Old Kent Road regeneration plans.

Leader of the Southwark Liberal Democrats Cllr. Anood Al-Samurai, and Leader of the Southwark Green Party Eleanor Margolies also publicaly made the pledge. The Tory candidate Michael Mitchell did not turn up to the meeting.

A video of the hustings meeting was made by ‘London SE1’ and is available on YouTube here with the Ledbury question and leaders responses at approximately 40:40mins.

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