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Ledbury issues heard at Overview and Scrutiny

On Wednesday 15th November, Ledbury Action Group attended Southwark Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting to hear an update on the estate from Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr. Stephanie Cryan and Strategic Director of Housing and Modernisation Gerri Scott.

The update was once again a self congratulatory pat on the back from Southwark bosses. 

Ledbury Action Group produced a report of their own which is due to receive a written response in the coming days. The report raises issues such as a lack of promised exceptions to complex rehousing cases, lack of honesty over the new faulty fire alarm system, lack of apology or further information over the delayed new homes on Sylvan Grove which were promised to be ready for Ledbury residents by November, and lack of response to complaints raised over 3am false fire alarm evacuations amongst other issues.

A Ledbury resident addressed the Committee with an emotional plea over her housing situation, which still has not been rectified. The Ledbury Action Group also raised questions over why residents themselves had to seek and arrange their own emotional and mental health support due to the distress caused by the estate problems, and why this was not forthcoming from Southwark Council who supposedly are leaders in mental health awareness.

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