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ARUP engineers report on Ledbury published

On Monday 20th November, ARUP published the findings of their investigations into the structural integrity of the four Ledbury Estate tower blocks.

The full report can be found here

The report details that strengthening works are required in all four of the Ledbury blocks in order to bring them up to the minimum standard of building regulations to be able to resist a 17kpa force. For residents this will mean intrusive works required to every flat within the buildings.  

Southwark Council wrote to residents on 22nd November, two days later, to inform them that this means that they will all need to move out - as detailed in the letter below which also lays out some of the next steps in the council’s plans. Unfortunately this letter came too late for some residents who were unaware that they would need to move, but had read about it in Inside Housing magazines article here,

a day prior to receiving the council’s letter. Concerns were raised as to why the press were given this information before the residents.

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