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Further false fire alarms cause more misery for residents

More fire alarms and evacuations took place in the lead up to Christmas on the Ledbury Estate. The first at Peterchurch house on Friday 15th December and the other at Sarnsfield House on Sunday 17th December. Bringing the total number of fire alarm incidents/evacuations to 8 since July 2017.

Once again the new L2 alarm systems were triggered, though the cause of this is not yet known. Residents were instructed by fire marshals to evacuate their homes and congregate outside in the cold. 

One resident commented: ‘each time there is an evacuation now, we see fewer people gathering outside. Some people just aren’t evacuating anymore, they’ve had enough of the false alarms. But what happens if it’s a real fire next time?’

Another resident commented: ‘it’s becoming so stressful and people are feeling really anxious. I’ve seen elderly residents in their 70’s and 80’s repeatedly having to evacuate down 8 or 9 flights of stairs. Last time there was a new Mum out there in the cold with her one week old premature baby. There has to be a better solution.’

Mike Tyrell, Director of Ledbury Estate commented: ‘I visited all the blocks yesterday evening after the incident at Sarnsfield with the alarm engineer who had been sent. This morning I am meeting the installers and the manufacturers to find out what the issue is.’

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