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Ledbury works early cost projections published

Early projected estimated costs for the strengthening and major works required on Ledbury Estate have been released ahead of an estate-wide consultation. 

The estates’ Resident Project Board, made up of both tenants and leaseholders have drafted four options for refurbishment.

Option 1 involves the strengthening works that are required to bring the towers up to meet building regulations, with fire stopping works and a permanent solution to the cracks and gaps. Early projections by the council’s cost consultants Calford Seadon have estimated this option to be in the region of £13million.

Option 2 includes new pipework to remedy the decades-long problems with leaks and damp. 

Option 3 includes renewing windows, roofs and lighting. 

Option 4, the most ambitious project, includes estate landscaping and new refuse facilities and comes in at around £28million.

Option 5 for demolition and rebuilding is estimated at just below £60million.

Southwark Council will be meeting to consult with residents in early February to discuss the various options and their contents in more detail, and to allow for further comment and input from both current residents and any ex-residents who’ve moved away from the estate since the issues began last June, but whom retain the right to return.

Following the consultation, the costs will then be reassessed and become more accurate as the options and appraisals develop in the coming months.

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