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Fire Risk Assessments show further gaps in kitchens and bathrooms

Ledbury Action Group were sent Type 4 Fire Risk Assessments today by Southwark Councils Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr. Stephanie Cryan after being told yesterday by the Ledbury Director Mike Tyrell that Southwark hadn’t done them. 

The fire risk assessment undertaken in July 2017 demonstrates a catalogue of further safety breaches including gaps and cracks discovered in kitchens and bathrooms, decades-old newspapers stuffed into void gaps between panels and multiple instances of asbestos. Ironically, those undertaking the fire risk assessment decided not to assess the risk of the gaps in bedrooms and living rooms, which was the first cause of all the Ledbury Estate issues last summer.

It’s not yet clear why Southwark chose to breach a unanimously adopted undertaking within the council to share fire risk assessments with Ledbury residents as soon as possible, but it appears they’ve been holding these documents back for 8 months, to the point that the Director of the Ledbury Estate appeared not to even be aware of their existence.

 Find the full document below.

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