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Ledbury Estate documentary released

‘Cracks In The System’ a non-profit documentary film about the Ledbury Estate, created by resident filmmaker Hannan Majid, along with Richard York of Rainbow Collective has been released and is now available to view here

The film premiered at the East End Film Festival on 14th April, as part of the ‘Building A Movement’ event, also organised by Rainbow Collective. The event included several films about housing struggles, including Stop HDV, Grenfell, Balfron Tower and Cressingham Gardens, alongside panel discussions, spoken word and more.


“This film is a great summary of the serious problems with these types of tower blocks” - Sophie Barnes, Inside Housing

"This documentary – expertly produced by the very people who continue to struggle through the still-unfolding story of the Ledbury – is filled with palpable emotion whilst being fair, factual. It puts what happened at Grenfell into context, and helps the layperson understand how the same recipe for disaster could have ended in a similar tragedy." - Owen Sheppard, journalist

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