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Ledbury Action Group Charter

Ledbury Action Group Charter

On Thursday 24th October 2019, Southwark Council published a report on the future of the four Ledbury Estate tower blocks. The new findings by structural engineers ARUP are significant and mean that strengthening and refurbishment of the towers may no longer be an option. Ledbury Action Group have developed a set of principles which we ask Southwark Council to commit to now, and would apply in the event of any demolition and new build on the site of the Ledbury Estate towers:

  1. That the sites would be rebuilt as 100% council homes at council rents. There will be no new homes built anywhere on the footprint of the estate for private sale and/or profit making.

  2. That the Right To Return policy for former Ledbury towers tenants is amended, to mean at the same rent and service charge rate, and on the same tenancy basis as the former Ledbury towers flats.

  3. That Southwark Council will not to enter into any PFI agreement, but would build any new council homes themselves.

  4. That in line with their 2019 announcement of a climate emergency, Southwark Council would rebuild council homes as zero carbon, with green space, community living and biodiversity at the heart of any design.

  5. That former and current residents of the towers will be allowed to lead all decision-making including (but not limited to) appointment of professionals and the design of any new council homes.

  6. That all companies involved in any new development will be committed to a co-design approach with residents and will be registered and able to demonstrate a positive track record of paying their full fair share of tax in the UK.

  7. That the Options Appraisal process and any decisions taken over the future of the estate continue to be limited to the four tower blocks only, and not, at any point, be extended to include the low rise blocks.

  8. That Southwark Council will take seriously their local and national responsibilities by setting a positive precedent in dealing with Large Panel System issues.

  9. That Southwark Council will assist residents to create a vibrant new flagship council estate. One that the borough can be proud of. An estate designed by council tenants, for council tenants.

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