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Ledbury Estate

URGENT UPDATE - April 2020

In March 2020, a decision was taken by Southwark Council to move families who are currently housed in shared accommodation, into the Ledbury Estate tower blocks, in order that people are able to fully self-isolate during the Coronavirus pandemic. The four tower blocks still fail to meet the building regulations for fire and structural safety. 


Tower Blocks UK alongside Ledbury Action Group have written some guidance for the new tenants to help stay safe in these blocks. Please click on the image below to read more.

Note: Camelot Primary School is located in the centre of the Ledbury Estate and there are spaces available for new pupils. If you've recently moved into one of the blocks and are looking for a primary place for your child, please visit the Camelot website to find out more, or contact the school.


Former Ledbury tenant and filmmaker; Hannan Majid made a 20 minute documentary about the Ledbury tower blocks and the action taken by residents. Click on the video to watch it in full.

The Ledbury Estate is a large estate of social housing in Peckham, within the London Borough of Southwark, and also within the Old Kent Road regeneration 'Core Opportunity Area' boundary. The estate comprises four 13-storey tower blocks, as well as two and four-storey maisonettes, a community hall and several shops. 

Who Are Ledbury Action Group?

In June 2017, the safety of the four tower blocks (Bromyard, Peterchurch, Sarnsfield and Skenfrith) was called into question and was subsequently followed by a sequence of fast-moving events which led to the formation of the Ledbury Action Group.

Ledbury Action Group was set up by small group of Ledbury Estate residents, we are unpaid volunteers. We have created this website as part of our work to document and create a record and timeline of events at the Ledbury Estate. 

We are not formally connected to the Ledbury Estate Tenants & Residents Association, though we have worked with them on issues throughout this process. We believe this is beneficial set-up, as it means we are able to campaign freely and honestly, without any of the restrictions that the TRA are obliged to follow.

What Do We Do?

We set up the Ledbury Action Group to bring together, support and empower residents of the estate, to facilitate communication between residents, and to campaign for the voices of residents to be heard on estate-wide issues.

What Is Our Position?

We believe that no decisions should be taken by Southwark Council about our homes and the estate without full, transparent and genuine consultation thoroughout to hear the views of all residents, and we campaign to try to ensure that Southwark Council really listen to all residents.

Ways We Campaign

  • We attend Southwark Council meetings whereever possible, whenever Ledbury Estate is on the agenda to hear the latest decisions the council are making about the estate

  • We challenge and object to decisions that Southwark Council make on our behalves when they have not been made in consultation with, or, in the interest of residents

  • We actively work together with other agencies such as Southwark Law Centre, Southwark Trade Unions and other London-wide housing groups

Ways We Support Residents

  • We support and signpost residents who get in touch with us on specific issues

  • We work with other local agencies to arrange support for residents, e.g - free legal advice sessions 

  • We keep residents updated with the latest estate news and support communications between residents via the residents private Facebook group and this website 

  • We support residents who want to attend council meetings to make a formal deputation or statement.

What We've Achieved So Far

Often it can feel frustrating, when the council are making decisions and you may feel you have no say or control over what is happening to you and your home and area. This is a big part of why we set up the Ledbury Action Group, so we as residents can take back control over some elements and decisions. Here are just a few of the things we've asked Southwark Council to put in place for the benefit of residents, or successfully challenged them on since the issues began in June 2017, that have come to fruition:

  • That Southwark must allow any tenant from the towers who wishes to move, to do so, to another home of their choosing, within the borough, via band one priority on the Homesearch list.

  • That leaseholders of the four tower blocks should not be charged for major works/repairs to the blocks as a result of the fire safety and structural problems discovered.

  • That any residents speaking to the council is entitled to have an Independent Observer present if they would like one.

  • That all tenants should have the guaranteed Right To Return and this should become formal council policy

  • That Southwark Council must provide temporary accommodation for anyone who wants it during the time when there was no heating or hot water.

  • That Southwark Council should cover the costs of moving for tenants and leaseholders.

  • That Southwark Council should pay disturbance payments.

  • That Southwark Council should commission independent auditors to undertake an investigation into historical failings related to the four Ledbury towers.

  • That Southwark Council must be open and transparent with residents and share documents without delay.

  • That Southwark Council should publish all Fire Risk Assessments for the Ledbury towers.

  • That Southwark Council should appoint a full time senior officer based on the Ledbury Estate as point of contact for residents needing to get through to the council.

  • That Southwark Council should write a weekly newsletter to all residents to keep them updated.

  • That all residents (including former residents who've recently moved) should still automatically receive all newsletters and consultation documents unless they 'Opt out'

  • That Southwark Council should fund a 'Residents Friend'

  • That Southwark Council must have an 'Open Book' policy on the Options Appraisal process

  • That Southwark Council should allow tenants to move to Sylvan Grove despite outstanding utility works and should cover the costs in the meantime

  • That Southwark Council should rule out any demolition to the homes on the wider estate

  • That Southwark Council must remove the wider estate from their scope of works (following a vote by residents of the wider estate)

  • That Southwark Council must assume no consent to any proposals on the estate without the express permission of residents through proper consultation, formal votes or ballots.

  • That Southwark set up a Residents Steering Group to work alongside the council with the next phases.



Challenges we are currently undertaking:

  • That Southwark Council should match the rents for tenants from the towers moving to new council properties, as they are effectively being decanted.

  • That Southwark Council should ensure that the 'Right to Return' is actually affordable, by ensuring that the rent levels remain the same for any resident returning.

  • That Southwark Council should extend the offer to leaseholders of the four towers for equity share beyond Sylvan Grove and Church Yard Row, in order to prevent conflict of interest between tenants and leaseholders.

How To Find Out More and Get Involved

To find out more about Ledbury Action Group, get involved or speak with us, please do get in touch with us via the contact page

The Ledbury Action Group could not have been formed without the help, guidance and support of many wonderful people. Special thanks to:

All the residents of the Ledbury Estate, Glenn Holmes, Hannan Majid, Charlie Duffield. Cris Claridge, Ian Ritchie, Billy Harding, Rhiannon Hughes, Ahmed Kabba, and all the staff and board members at Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations. Shelene Byer, Richard York, Rosa Kurowska, Grace Lally and Bill Perry. Peter Walker. Independent experts: Sam Webb, Arnold Tarling, and Tony Bird. Lexa Reid. John Tyson, Sian Berry. Sally Causer and the staff at Southwark Law Centre, Cambridge House. The partners and staff at Anthony Gold Solicitors. Robert Jamieson and the team at Community Southwark.  Southwark Notes. Liz Lowe and Frances Clarke of Tower Blocks UK, Housing Action Lambeth & Southwark, Radical Housing Network, Arti Aloo, April Ashley and Unite The Union Community, Sisters Uncut, Focus E15 Mothers, Stop HDV Campaign, Potent Whisper, Jerry Flynn and the 35% Campaign, Aysen Dennis, Phil Murphy, James Robinson & the staff at Camelot School, Defend Council Housing and many more!

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