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Preview version of the Ledbury Estate not-for-profit documentary: CRACKS IN THE SYSTEM

Created by resident filmmaker Hannan Majid.

Full feature length documentary due to be released Autumn 2018.

Sam Webb; former architect and Ronan Point expert is interviewed by Tony Bird (former independent Housing Consultant) about the history of Large Panel System built tower blocks, the risks of gas, fire compartmentation breaches and other issues affecting the Ledbury Estate towers.

Independent expert Tony Bird (former housing consultant) presents his findings to Southwark Council on the use of gas, and questions over strengthening on the Ledbury Tower blocks at a residents meeting on 11th July 2017

Independent Chartered Surveyor and Fire Safety expert; Arnold Tarling questions Southwark Council about serious fire risks in the tower blocks at a residents meeting on 11th July 2017

ARUP experts discuss their initial findings on Ledbury Estate, at the residents meeting on 11th July 2017. They also discuss Ronan Point, and how it differs.

ARUP, at this time, said that Ledbury had been previously looked at, and no strengthening was required. Arnold Tarling questions this.

MP Harriet Harman is interviewed about Ledbury Estate following the emergency removal of gas to all four towers upon ARUP's instruction.

James Robinson, Headteacher at the local Camelot school speaks about the steps the school are taking to support the residents and the local children during the time at which there was no heating within the flats after gas was suddenly removed on 10th August 2017, after it was discovered that the buildings should not have a gas supply.

Ledbury residents, supported by the local community protest over the lack of basic provisions such as heating and hot water on the estate. September 2017

Interviews with the Ledbury Estate residents during the time when there was no heating and hot water on the estate. September 2017.

Sam Webb (RIBA architect and Large Panel System expert) and Tony Bird (Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisor) visit the Ledbury Estate in September 2017 to assess the flats and the fire compartmentation measures put in place by Southwark Council

Essential viewing.

1984 Adam Curtis Documentary 'The Great British Housing Disaster'

Uncovers the shocking issues prevalent in the building of Large Panel System blocks.

Ronan Point: A 50 Year Building Safety Problem

BBC Newsnight, 15th June 2018

The Fires That Foretold Grenfell

BBC Documentary, 2018

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