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Another fire alarm & evacuation at Bromyard House causes further misery

At approximately 8.20am on Monday 23rd October, the fire alarms at Bromyard House once again went off due to a system malfunction. 

Residents were evacuated for the second time in as many days, with fire marshals knocking on doors and instructing residents to congregate outside.

Residents, including the elderly and children, gathered behind the block with their neighbours, many dressed only in pyjamas, as Southwark Council staff and fire marshals attempted to coordinate the situation.

London Fire Brigade were called to come and silence the alarms once again.

One resident said 'I'm absolutely fed up of this. My children have to keep coming outside into the cold, and what happens if there's a real fire next time? People will ignore the alarms thinking it's just another malfunction and that's really worrying.' 

Southwark Council's Director of Ledbury Estate Mike Tyrell said he would be fully investigating what was happening with the alarm system and apologised profusely to residents once again. 

Another resident said 'Southwark keep apologising, but this keeps happening and people are getting fed up and traumatised by it all. The council need to sort it out as it's becoming ridiculous, not to mention a waste of Fire Brigade time and resources. Southwark have enough staff and professionals on site, you'd think they'd be able to work out how their own fire alarm systems work!'

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