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#OurDay is an initiative set up by the Local Government Association dubbed as 'a day for local government to come together for the biggest ever online celebration of the people who keep our communities running. The 24 hour social media marathon gives everyone who works or volunteers in local public services the chance to share their stories of how they improve the quality of life of residents.'

Ledbury Action Group wanted to use this opportunity to get feedback from the Ledbury Estate residents that we support. Rather than share our own stories, we wanted to hear the views of the residents themselves on what we do well, and what we could improve upon as a voluntary community group. It is our priority to continue to build positive relationships with our fellow residents at Ledbury Estate, to support them and assist them in navigating their way through the situation that we've all been faced with.

We advertised our survey* between Wednesday 7th - Thursday 8th November to find out how Ledbury Estate residents feel about the Ledbury Action Group. We wanted residents to feel comfortable enough to speak their minds openly, so all responses were anonymous**. We collected 37 responses.

Here's what Ledbury Estate residents had to say:

100% of the residents who responded said that they found our work and campaigning helpful

35 out of the 37 residents that responded said that they had been directly in touch with us about an issue affecting them.

100% of the residents that said they'd received direct support from us felt that they had been offered helpful advice and assistance.

25/37 of residents who took part left additional comments. 100% of those comments were positive towards Ledbury Action Group.

*Standard and value of qualitative research method: 'Survey Monkey' is GDPR compliant. Southwark Council regularly use 'Survey Monkey' to undertake research, including formal consultations.

**Anonymity: All responses were anonymous, for data protection purposes, as well as to allow residents to speak as honestly and openly as possible. Duplicate responses were avoided by limiting responses to one per device.

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