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Broadwater Farm structural assessments due at the end of March

Homes For Haringey have announced that they will be publishing the results of recent structural assessments undertaken at the Broadwater Farm Estate at the end of March.

The Ledbury Action Group undertook a Freedom Of Information request to attempt to get hold of these documents, which was subseqeuntly refused by Homes For Haringey on the basis that it failed the ‘In the public interest test’ as the report is apparently still in draft form.

This comes after the discovery in late 2017 that, like Ledbury, some

of the low rise blocks at Broadwater Farm are not sufficiently strong enough to withstand the force of a gas explosion, as explained in this piece on the Homes For Haringey website:

The Haringey website also states that the two 19-storey tower blocks on the estate ‘Kenley’ and ‘Northolt’ (which do not have a gas supply) are undergoing structural assessments, and it is understood that these results will also be published in the March report. These two blocks are ‘sibling’ blocks to the Ledbury towers and form part of the same ‘Morris Walk Series’ construction contract.

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