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Southwark Council’s careless disregard on sharing information with residents

After holding back Type 4 Fire Risk Assessments from Ledbury residents for over 9 months, Southwark Council has come under pressure to explain why they had not shared them, after promising to do so, and blamed ‘an oversight’.

In an email to Southwark Council staff, Ledbury Action Group quote a motion adopted by full council assembly on 12th July 2017 (below) which was passed unanimously and promised in sections 6 and 11 that information would be shared with residents as soon as possible.

The Type 4 Intrusive fire risk assessments are now finally published on Southwark’s dedicated Ledbury towers website here.

Oddly, the assessment doesn’t include the known gaps and cracks in living rooms and bedrooms, but does detail more gaps found in bathrooms and kitchens as well as asbestos. Unsurprisingly, Southwark Council have offered no apology to Ledbury residents for the 9 month delay in sharing these vital documents related to their homes. 

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